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About Dance Germany325

DANCE GERMANY is an internet site representing the German dance profession.

One network unites all institutions, companies, producers, magazines and websites in the dance sector.

German dance is represented nationally and internationally in all its variety and an additional aim is to connect with similar projects on an international basis.

The website is also a database for all dance events in Germany, a research tool for anybody interested in dance with addresses of dance producers and institutions. is a de-centralised, non-commercial network that distributes automatically all files to different dance related websites and is also a marketing and public relations tool to support the independent dance sector.

Partner Network Dance Germany - Tanz in Deutschland provides tools for the marketing and public relations of companies and dance producers. This service is free.

Dance Germany allows the creators of dance to tap their own creative strength to increase the public visibility of professional dance in Germany. portals associate to Dance Germany are e.g. , , , , , (and many more.) was supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation within the context of Tanzplan Deutschland.326